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Including Stories from

New York Times bestselling author Calind B
Sylvie Stewart
Stephanie Morris
USA Today bestselling author Allyson Lindt writing with Alexa Padgett
Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author Jeana E. Mann
Piper Lawson
J. Saman
Colleen Charles
Casey Hagen
E.S. Carter
Rylee Swann
Emma Tharp
Liz Matis
Heather C. Myers
Jan O’Hara
Maggie Carpenter 
Tara L. Ames
Shannyn Leah
Megyn Ward
Ravena Tate
Alyssa Drake & Bella Emy
S.R. Watson & Ryan Stacks
Mia Kayla 
Scarlett Avery
Kim Carmichael 

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NEW BAD BOY: Bodyguard Release

Duke Falkner is a no-nonsense bodyguard—a job he takes very seriously. So seriously, in fact, he’s never taken a vacation or enjoyed a moment in his own life. He uses his strict lifestyle as repentance for a childhood moment that stole away every member of his family. Although a moment he was not responsible for, a moment he has been unable to shake.

Sage Ellis has just had her life torn apart in similar fashion. Her estranged rock-n-roll father has just been killed and her mother has been shot right in her front of her. Before she knows it, she’s being swept away to a remote location to be protected by a bodyguard she’d hoped never to see again.

As Duke and Sage are brought together again, they replay their tortured past and a relationship that ended before it began. But as they work to figure out who is after Sage and her family, their feelings slowly start to once again reveal themselves and Duke begins to let go of his past. Will he hang on to his bad boy ways, or release his tight fist on his past for a relaxed future with Sage?

Shannyn Leah and Kelly Moore have been up to some fun trouble! They're writing a comedy book series together to be released this August. You don't want to miss this hilarious new series, and if you're ready for a sneak peek into the crazy, wild and fun characters make sure to join THE CRD POSSE Facebook group.  

WARNING: This book series is not as "sweet" as Shannyn's usual writing (Kelly has been a bad influence in a good way ;)). The f-bomb will be dropped and there's explicit sexual scenes, so please be aware before joining the group and reading this upcoming series.

We both look forward to seeing you there! xoxo Shannyn & Kelly 


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Shannyn Leah writes under a new Pen Name, "Audrey Delaine" for her "Clean" books. Soon, all Shannyn's books will also be available "Sweet and Clean".   Visit Audrey Delaine's Webpage.

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