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9-year-old C. S. Cowell had a vision.

He wanted to co-write a series with his USA Today Bestselling Auntie (Shannyn Leah).

Together, they got lost in their own world, and when they stepped out, they’d created Imperium, home of the unknown Superheroes.


Foes. Enemies. He needed one thing from her, stealing her heart wasn't it..

Welcome back to Cinnamon Bay, where the neighbors know your business and one sip of the Cafe Amour can make you fall in love. If you believe in that kind of thing.

Playboy billionaire Hudson Carmichael witnessed his family fortune go bankrupt as the bank forecloses on their every asset. The once VP of Development for the Carmichael Equity Group finds himself broke and jobless with nothing more than the deed to the old spice factory to get himself and family back on their feet. He’s got investors and a solid plan, but one thing holding back the start of construction: the town’s approval. It would be an easy fix if he had hundred-dollar bills to wave in front of the town council to buy their votes…or if the one woman who loathes him didn’t sit as council head, ready to watch him fail.

Historian and all-around town sweetheart, Aria McCabe is still fuming over cocky Hudson Carmichael stealing The Blue Barn estate out from under her, only to tear the historical landmark down! A few years later and oh how the tables have turned. His family has lost everything and now he needs her approval for the old historical site. If only she’s willing to give it to him.

What are his plans? To fix the Cinnamon Factory up and stick around, or wait until a better deal comes along?

Mistletoe mishap. A toe-curling kiss. The wrong brother.

An all-paid Christmas work vacation to Santa’s Village Resort sounds perfect. Right? Snow, twinkle lights, reindeer, the whole shebang. Wrong.

When Bailey Tremblay purchased some naughty silky lingerie, she had planned on surprising her boss with a treat on the side. After all, the week before they’d shared a toe-curling kiss under the mistletoe. But when he shows up with another woman on his arm, effectively destroying her delightful Christmas plans, Bailey is shaken. Hiding in her room for the remainder of the trip, eating ginger cookies and drinking cider sounds like the best way to retreat and heal her hurt ego.

Her boss’s brother, business partner, and the co-owner of the company—aka her other boss—has his own holiday plans. And he isn’t about to take no for an answer. Now Bailey finds herself pretending to be Wesley Sinclair’s fake lover and kissing the wrong brother under the mistletoe ... or is she?

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Shannyn Leah writes under a new Pen Name, "Audrey Delaine" for her "Clean" books. Soon, all Shannyn's books will also be available "Sweet and Clean".   Visit Audrey Delaine's Webpage.

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