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Willow Valley is a fictional small town located in Southeastern Ontario, Canada. It is situated on the eastern shore of the lake at the mouth of Crystal River. The town is full of rich history and unique culture.

Willow Valley is a popular tourist destination. Visitors enjoy the Main Street situated along the shoreline lined with boutique shops, art galleries, fine dining restaurants and quite often events on the white sandy beach. The marina's, resorts, and public beaches draw crowds in the summer months while the ski hills at the Caliendo Resort, cabins and snowmobile trails draw the winter crowds. 

North of Willow Valley, the forestry industry brings many local jobs to the community.


  • History 
  • Annual Events
  • Notable Residents
    • Hockey Players
    • Musicians


Willow Valley was founded in 1830 by Gerald Carter, (1875-1840), a nobleman who purchased large real estate holdings in the area.

The Willow Valley town hall was built in 1888, and is located in the heart of the town. The town hall is used for many community events.


Annual Events:

As a small community Willow Valley has many yearly traditions which include the Willow Valley fair in July, Local Music at the Beach in August, the lighting of the beach as well as an annual Christmas Parade. Other annual events include the Fireman's Pancake Breakfast, the Halloween Witch Walk.    


Notable Residents: 

Despite its small population, Willow Valley has produced several notable professional residents:

  • Colt Patterson, Hockey player
  • Avery McAdams, Musician 
  • Tate Saunders, Country Singer