The McAdams Sisters

Small town sweet and steamy contemporary romance on the shores of Willow Valley, a cottage country town. In this series foll and following the McAdams Siblings.

The Caliendo Resort

The Caliendo Resort is a hot and steamy contemporary romance series that follows the lives of the filthy rich Caliendo siblings. This is the second installment of the By The Lake series. 

Bad Boys of Willow Valley

The Bad Boys of Willow Valley series is Shannyn Leah's latest and here you will be exploring Willow Valley's bad boys. Are you ready? First up, we have fireman and hard-ass mechanic Dax Colyn. 


The Crazy Rich Davenports

The Crazy Rich Davenports is a new series Shannyn Leah's is co-writing with Kelly Moore. If you like the TV series Shameless, you will LOVE The Davenports. They're crazy, wild and fun dys-FUN-ctional. 

Halloween Special


Holidays in Willow Valley

Holidays in Willow Valley is a collection of holiday novella's that take place in the tourist town of Willow Valley. Some of the characters you might have heard mentioned in other books and some are brand new! 


Fantasy Time Travel Romance Trilogy

Travel to a world where Gatekeepers are born and raised to ensure time remains untainted and unchanged. Their “assignments” in life is to keep the timeline flowing smoothly, with no hiccups or disastrous changes that could change the future while bonding with their soulmates.