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Warning: If you are looking for a sweet, sensitive book with a happily ever after, this isn’t it. It is a totally inappropriate book about a completely dysfunctional family. The F word flies free along with many other curse words. Feel free to get drunk (because the Davenports sure are!) while you’re reading it, and prepare to wet yourself laughing. If sex scenes are not your thing, this book might not be your thing. But, if you have a crazy sense of humor and like raunchy comedies - you’re in the right place. Join in on the craziness of The Crazy Rich Davenport Family. 

Lucy’s husband Mark, died a year ago. Her life and her families has been steadily going downhill and things have gotten a little out of control, to say the least. When her daughter plans a birthday party for her half-sister. Lucy decides it’s time they all get their act together, but not everyone is on the same page.

There will be dildos and strawberries flying in the air, along with firecrackers, curse words, and little blue pills being slipped into drinks - hard-ons for everyone! Lucy’s hope for normal in her dysfunctional family will never happen and things only get worse when Mark’s snooty parents drop a bombshell that will only spark more insanity from The Crazy Rich Davenport family.

My husband is not the man I married. The man I remembered loving was, warm, kind, sensual. This man is cold, distant and cruel. The doctors say he’ll get better and I want to believe them. But I’m losing faith with every hate filled word past his lips.
I miss the man I married. I miss the woman I was.
Until I’m hit by a blue-eyed storm and now my life is shattered. When I lock eyes with the sexy stranger at the bar, he makes me remember the carefree woman I was. Lost after that single night of passion, I thought it couldn’t get worse. I was wrong.
Torn between the vows I promised to a man who is cruel and remote and the all-consuming lust for a stranger I can never have, I walk the tightrope between desire and duty and hope that I don’t fall and destroy us all.

A buttoned-up politician.
An ambitious rebel.
The hard choice between love and power.

Connor Barrett has built a life based on doing everything right. He's honest, idealistic, and completely buttoned-up. Continuing his family's political legacy is a no-brainer. Next stop... US Senate.

Jenna King likes her men tough, tattooed, and as wild as she is. Clean shaves and navy suits hold no appeal. When she ends up working on Connor's campaign, all her free spirit gets tucked away to create a professional image.

The couple work hand-in-hand without crossing any lines.

Until Jenna gets a glimpse of the man underneath the nerdy glasses and crisp, white shirts. And Connor urges her to let her hair down.

With the election approaching, right and wrong blur in the power of their connection.

In a world where image is everything, the unlikely couple must choose between their principles, their secrets, and the possibility of having it all.

If you love an opposites attract story and are looking for smart, sexy characters in a layered, emotionally-gripping story, Claiming Power will grab a hold of you.

Love was never supposed to be part of the end game.

Fallon’s life has been a road paved in misery and loneliness.
Then one day, she’s propositioned with a way to change it all.
From that day forward, Fallon planned on never looking back.
Until, she met her target, the man who could destroy everything.
Fallon’s a survivor, but can she survive him?

Gabriel is independent and brutal.
He learned early on about his mother’s games.
For years his mother has tried to control every aspect of his life.
He was born to be her successor, but he refused to be her chess piece.
When a mysterious woman shows up, Gabriel’s life is turned upside down.
Is she his mother’s pawn?
Soon they will learn that the games Gabriel’s mother, Catherine Stern plays are for keeps.
Secrets and deception always find a way of being revealed.

Boy meets girl. Easy right?

Not when boy is a famous baseball player and girl doesn’t know it.

Keri thinks Jeremy is just a nice guy. She should, they meet volunteering at a shelter after all. What she doesn’t know is there is a lot more to dating him than she first thought.

Can their relationship stand the pressure of his high profile day job, or will she shy away from the public scrutiny?

One night on the town leads to a lifetime commitment! 
Kimberly Davis discovers she is married, and she has no idea who her husband is. The certificate she finds is dated nine years ago. Kimberly has memories of empty beer bottles, a bare butt, and his name; Ryan Calvin. She doesn't remember saying 'I do."

After having divorce papers drawn, Kimberly travels to Indiana to get Ryan's signature. His brother, Alex, greets her and tells her Ryan is out of town on business. Alex, a single father, introduces Kimberly to his daughter and offers her a place to stay. Kimberly waits for Ryan's return with her new family.

As the days turn into weeks, Kimberly and Alex grow close and an attraction forms between them. What will happen when Ryan returns? Will Alex and Kimberly open their hearts to each other, or will she leave after getting the signature she sought?

Hitched While Intoxicated will have you rooting for impulsive love. It is a quick read containing a mild steam level.

The Ringmaster had been through this routine many times before, seeing his troupe nervously waiting around him, bursting to get onto the stage, hungry for an audience, hearts beating fast, blood rushing through their quivering, rubber-like bodies. And yet, every time, his heart swelled with pride and happiness, at his little band of travellers, all bonded by the same insatiable, overwhelming, seductive desire: the desire to entertain.

...Alain nodded to Fenton and the dwarf opened the velvet dividers that separated two very different worlds. Blinded by the dazzling lights, surrounded by applause, Alain du Maurier stepped forward and began the show in his rich seductive tones. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Cirque du Phantastique."

The show is a success and the next day Cirque du Phantastique leave their manor in Varatale to embark on their annual tour; a tour which takes them through ten very different worlds. As they travel from city to city, however, it becomes clear that this tour will be quite different from previous years and will test the strength of each troupe member as well as their relationships with each other. Batlling everything from an Australian heatwave to a tyrant in a frozen world, the perils that come with being labelled an outcast, and ultimately a colourless monster, who forces them into a multi-universal game of cat and mouse, Alain du Maurier and his loveable band of misfits must fight to save themselves and the lives of those around them, all while continuing to entertain their loyal audiences.

For the show must always go on.

“The storyline was brilliant." ★★★★★
"I ran the gambit of emotions with this book." ★★★★★
"Original and Captivating." ★★★★★

Alex Conner’s nights of event planning and partying in San Diego have taken a turn for the worse as supernatural nightmares invade her mind on a daily basis. 

The memories of the vile man she exiled using powers inherited from her mother are all but breaking into her living hours, and nothing is working to keep her nightmares and migraines at bay. 

Can Alex solve this mystery before it's too late or will she be the one responsible for bringing this horror back into her life? Who can Alex trust and how is she to deal with the draw she has towards a new man in her life – a man who is definitely more than meets the eye?

Alex Conner: Witch? Healer? Both? Joining this powerful female character and a scooby-like cast including a seer, sexy book boyfriends, devoted best friends, heros, villans and monsters, and magical creatures. Enjoy the first book in this ongoing paranormal and fantasy series overflowing with suspense, steamy and romantic scenes, kick ass action, intrigue, adventure, mind-bending plotlines, and laugh out loud humor. Trust is a coming of age story about a young women who had to figure out her powers all on her own. The new adult tale will get you laughing, crying, while also being a nailbiter as supernatural powers and beings make this a page turner for paranormal, mystery, suspense, and fantasy fans. 

Trust is a unique twist on paranormal romance, contemporary & urban fantasy for fans of The Hollows by Kim Harrison's, with the humor, heart, and horror of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the magic of The Weird Girls Series by Cecy Robson, & the science and world building of The King Killer Chronicles. 

The Alex Conner Chronicles Reading order: Trust, Truth, Forbidden, & Only with more to come! Contains explicit adult language and scenes.

An anthology dedicated to Melissa Lee, bringing together stories of strong independent women by some of today's favorite authors of the indie community.

*All proceeds benefitting Melissa Lee during this difficult time. Our hearts & prayers are with her.

~* A special thanks to YM Zachery for her endless dedication



Lakeshore Secrets at Willow Valley by Audrey Delaine is the clean and sweet edition of Bestselling author Shannyn Leah's spicy romance novel Lakeshore Secrets. The story and characters remain the same, without any spicy scenes or harsh language.

Kate McAdams was forced six years ago to leave her beloved hometown of Willow Valley, leaving behind her family and the only man she's ever loved, Marc Caliendo. Although she has created a new life for herself away from the drama, secrets and stress of the small town, she must return upon her grandmother's death. Her return brings back wonderful memories, especially of Marc, but also horrible fears from the past. 

When fate throws her and Marc together once again, how can they ignore the everlasting love and desire between them? Will Kate stay and face her demons or will the deceit and secrets of the past destroy any future they may have and force her to leave again? 

Violet Caliendo escorts couples into the illusion of "happily ever after" as wedding coordinator at Willow Valley's five-star Caliendo Resort. But Violet doesn't believe in love or "happily ever after" anymore. She's guarded herself from love so deeply since her divorce that some even call her the "Ice Queen." When she has to plan her ex-husband's wedding, even her Ice Queen persona takes a hit.

With her emotions in high gear, she takes out her frustrations by having sex with her ex's best man, Ryder Carlex. Ryder is a playboy type and Violet figures it's a simple one-time fling. But Ryder actually is attracted to Violet in a way he's never known before. Neither of them ever imagines that the sparks between them will ignite a fire hotter than anything they've ever encountered – slowly breaking down both their walls. 

Will Violet be able to let go of her past and embrace a possible future with Ryder? Will Ryder let Violet into his own deep, dark secrets? Or will their trust issues forever doom them both from achieving their own "happily ever after"?

Quick & Dirty

Book 1, A Quick Billionaires Novel

The best way to get over a millionaire is to get under a billionaire.

Travel writer Parker Ryan wants to erase every last trace of her ex from her mind, body, and soul, and what better way to forget a man than to take an all-expenses-paid trip to Tahiti? She’ll have ten days to write a feature piece about The Windward Hibiscus Resort. That leaves plenty of time for fun and sun—

 And a smoking hot fling with Tate McAllister, billionaire resort owner, scuba instructor, philanthropist, and let’s face it—sex god.

Parker knows she’s not supposed to mix business with pleasure, but Tate’s ready and willing to wow her in and out of the bedroom. She can get the job done and let him fulfill all her fantasies, can’t she?

But she won’t, repeat—won’t—fall in love with the man. Even if every part of her wants to.

Patrick is my friend.
My best friend.
He’s every good girl’s dream come true.
Funny, sweet and holy-hell hot.
So what’s the problem?
I’m far from perfect and I’m no one’s idea of a good girl.
I know that. I know he’s out of my league, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting him.
And if the way he looks at me when he thinks no one is paying attention is any indicator, he wants me too. 
But he’ll never make a move on me. Not unless I make him. That’s what my friend Tess says. She thinks all Patrick needs is a little push. I think she might be right.
The last thing I expected was for him to push back


How to survive an unexpected breakup with your ex-fiancé on national TV: 

1. Hide out under the covers at home.
2. Let your agoraphobic twin sister talk you into going to Paris in her place!

Lizette Monroe would be crazy to turn down her sweepstakes entering addicted twin's offer. Paris, France? It's the perfect getaway after all she's been dealing with. All she has to do is pretend to be Nola. Can't go wrong there, right?

Too bad it's not France, but a small town Tennessee town. Still, it gets her out of the public eye for awhile. 

Enter problem number one in the form of Dirk Ramsey, Nola's childhood best friend. He's grown up, gorgeous, and has eyes for her, except he thinks she's Nola. Lizette wants nothing more than to tell him the truth, but Nola's embarrassment and shame over her current condition has her begging Lizette to keep up the charade. 

It wouldn't be so hard if Dirk's touch didn't awaken a part of her soul she thought was lost. Did he really have to be there at every turn, especially when the truth is closer to coming out? And when Dirk does learn he's been reminiscing with the wrong twin- the one who didn't pay much attention to him back then, will that ruin a chance to get to know the man Lizette is now having romantic feelings for?

 * * A SEXY small-town contemporary romance * * *

Some dreams never die.

Izzy Harper dreamed of dancing in the bright-lights of New York City ever since she was a little girl. She reached that dream--for a time--until a career-ending injury drove her home. Now she's sharing her dreams with a new generation of dancers.

Tanner Ross leads a simple life--go to work, raise his daughter, never fall in love again. Tanner refuses to risk his heart, and his daughter's, on anything less than forever. And he doesn't believe in forever anymore.

Then he met Izzy.

A few stolen moments turn serious quickly, and both of them are shocked by the depth of their connection. They've each been hurt before but Tanner is convinced Izzy has a place in his life... and his daughter's life. When Izzy is offered a second chance at the spotlight, their bond is tested. Can their love survive the pull of her dreams?

Professional athlete Oliver Pike would do just about anything to help his struggling brother, even if that means setting aside his own career difficulties to take a busload of retirees on a multinational tour.

But trouble arises before they clear the Canadian Rockies, forcing the bus off-route and into a small town. And in the hold of the bus, amid the walkers and luggage, lies a half-frozen stowaway.

Once thawed, Page Maddux proves to be commitment-phobic, irreverent, and maddeningly attractive. She is also the person Oliver must rely upon to help keep the “oldsters,” as she calls them, out of harm’s way.

When their week together is over, will the town recover from the group’s exploits? And given Page’s tendency to run, what will become of Oliver’s heart?

Avery Clarke was like any typical senior in high school – obsessed with her boyfriend and looking forward to partying at graduation. Except, sometimes life has other plans. 

Fast forward seven years; Avery’s world consists of her waitress job at the local diner and more importantly her six year old son, Jacob. 

One morning, a chance encounter with a hot construction worker named Reece, turns Avery’s world upside down. Avery is set on maintaining the delicate balance of her world and there’s no room for romance.

Reece is determined to prove to her that she can have it all. But when Avery gets the scare of a lifetime, will it pull the couple closer or will she walk away?

Siobhan Gallagher has just started her senior year at the University of Southern California. She has her best friend and her boyfriend of five years by her side. As the countdown to graduation begins, her world comes crashing down when her boyfriend confesses that he has cheated on her. Her past has shown that love is volatile, but she had hoped that this time would be different. Siobhan becomes a cynic – doubting the existence of love. She vows to never give her heart to another.

In walks Professor Michaels. He is a sexy billionaire playboy who limits his encounters to one night, maybe two. His jaded past and multitude of secrets shapes his aversion to love and relationships. He makes no promises of forever. Offers no apologies for his preference for variety. When he first meets Siobhan, the attraction is mutually instantaneous. He knows she is supposed to be off limits, but he has never denied himself of something he wanted.

Siobhan and Professor Michaels share the same sardonic outlook on love. What happens when these two paths cross? If they give into this forbidden attraction, can they both come out on the other side unscathed?

She Married the Wrong Man 
When Asher and Dahlia met, she was only seventeen... and engaged to someone else. Though her husband betrayed her trust, Asher shattered her heart when he vanished without saying goodbye.

He Never Forgot Her 
Asher's whiskey-rough voice made him a star, but fame extracted its price by tearing him from the girl he loved. When he meets Dahlia again, years later, it breaks his heart. His muse has given up on happy endings, because of him.

Betrayal Broke Them Once
Dahlia's writing career is on the rocks. Asher's life is crumbling. Neither can afford to indulge in attraction. But their connection is too fierce and precious to resist.

Perfect for fans of the Kendall Ryan, Carly Phillips, and A. L. Jackson, Sweet Solace and its sequels take readers on an emotional, sexy journey of hot men and their feisty women who are transformed by courage, self-sacrifice, and love.