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Willow Valley provides a variety of accommodations for tourists suited for both personal and business trips. 

In the quaint village of Willow Valley you will find luxury accommodations such as historical Inns, cottage rentals, bed and breakfasts, cozy lodges, The Caliendo Resort to suit your destination plans whether they be a charming cottage on the lake or a stay at one of Willow Valley's finest Inn's.

Local Inns

By The Lake Inn

Victorian Inn

Seashell Inn

Willow Valley Inn

Bed and Breakfast

Blue Oyster Bed & Breakfast

Cottage Rentals

Crazy Crock Cabins

The Caliendo Resort


-3 pairs of socks & underwear

-Jacket or light sweater

-3 shirts

2 pairs of pants

-1 pair of pajamas

-Comfortable shoes

-First aid kit

-Pain relievers


-Phone/eReader/music chargers

-Travel size shampoo,body wash etc. 



-Hand sanitizer

These are the basics you will need if you're only packing one bag on the go! (unless of course you're Izzy Caliendo...then you'll only get your shirts in one bag)

Have fun wherever you go! 


-Travel lights

-Be early at the airport

-Stay calm (it's especially overwhelming your first time at the airport)

-Watch your suitcase

-Watch out for thieves

-Don't flash around large sums of money

-Avoid wearing layers of clothes

-Wear easy to slip on and off shoes

Enjoy and have fun!