The Crazy Rich Davenports: Season One, book #5

Who killed Sarah? The race is on to find out in order to stop the wedding. 
Lucy teams up with Cash in a race for time. 

Ford is drug deeper and deeper into the Davenport affairs and it pulls him further from Daisy, who is having a hard time with her alters. Ford finally gets Evan to read the journal to get some clues as to what Mark was really up to.

Who is Troy? Good or bad?
Is Cash really the bad guy?

Daisy is hanging on by a thread when she finds out her sister really isn’t in prison. She battles Tommy and Slutty Pepper, but who will win or will they all lose to the one they don’t speak of?

Warning: If you are looking for a sweet, sensitive book with a happily ever after, this isn’t it. It is a totally inappropriate book about a completely dysfunctional family. The F word flies free along with many other curse words. Feel free to get drunk (because the Davenports sure are!) while you’re reading it, and prepare to wet yourself laughing. If sex scenes are not your thing, this book might not be your thing. But, if you have a crazy sense of humor and like raunchy comedies - you’re in the right place. Join in on the craziness of The Crazy Rich Davenport Family. 





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