Choose Your Own Romance with Shannyn Leah

Ever wish the next chapter had gone your way? Now you can VOTE!!!

Choose Your Own Romance is a full length romantic comedy delivered directly to your inbox chapter by chapter! 

The BEST part is, you get to vote which direction you want the book to go. Each week, there's a poll in the newsletter for you to choose your favorite option, then pop back next week and see if it was chosen & get the next chapter (sometimes 2 chapters)

Current book: My Big Fat Fake Fiance 

It's a blast!!!

If you're not signed up for my emails, don't fret. Sign up now, and once you're on the list you will be ready for next week! Every chapter already written is included in the email, so you can start at the beginning and catch up, then cast your vote for the next chapter! 

XOXOX Shannyn Leah